Doug Aleshire

Welcome to the photo gallery of Doug Aleshire, owner of All-Pro Home Services! Please enjoy the galleries, click those that are of interest to you.

All-Pro Home Services has been my company since 1997 and being a Residential Building Designer, I have designed many projects which include new homes, additions and major renovations. With over 35 years of hands-on experience and having been a real estate agent as well, I can service a clients needs from design concepts to working drawings and beyond. I’m a business member of Kudzu and Merchant Circle. I also was awarded 2014 Sun City Home Owners Association Business Partner of the Year. My mission is to always provide the best service to every client and ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations. "Satisfaction Guaranteed"!

I will continue to place new galleries that are of completed projects and those that are in progress. You may also find other galleries of interest that may be worthy of your review.

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